Frequently asked questions

What to bring?

Casual clothing, swimwear, light pants, long-sleeved clothes for the evenings and suitable footwear for walks. There are no convenience stores on Wilson Island, so don’t forget any necessities you simply can’t do without.

What not to bring?

You can forget your mobile phone, laptop, hairdryer, clothes that require ironing, and leave behind your stresses. Wilson Island is a total escape from the pressures of everyday living and so whilst you may have to do without a few modern-day ‘comforts’, you will wonder why you ever needed them in the first place. Wilson Island Duffel Bags will be provided for the duration of your stay, allowing you to store any additional luggage on Heron Island.


How many other guests on the island?

Wilson Island only caters for nine permanent tents to there will only ever be a maximum of 18 guests at any one time.

What is provided in my tent?

Nine permanent tents, with reef and ocean outlooks, are designed for ultimate comfort and feature:
• raised timber floors • duvets and pillows • bedside tables • bedside lights • comfortable deck chairs and hammocks • bath towels • beach towels • guest toiletries • umbrellas • complete screening  • daily housekeeping service  • in-tent beverage selection • binoculars • organic turkish towels • USB charging dock for devices

What if we need to contact the mainland urgently?

Staff will have a satellite phone for emergency use.


Are children permitted to stay at Wilson Island?

Due to the location and secluded nature of Wilson Island children under the age of 16 years old are not permitted to stay at Wilson Island.


Can dietary requirements be accommodated?

Limited dietary requirements may be catered for. Please discuss with Wilson Island Coordinator prior to or at time of booking


Do I need to bring my own snorkelling equipment?

Snorkel equipment hire is included in your accommodation cost. On arrival at Heron Island you will have the opportunity to visit the Marine Centre to pick up your snorkel, mask and flippers. If you would like a wetsuit also, this can be hired at an additional cost. Please note that any equipment not returned or returned damaged will incur a charge equal to the cost of the equipment.


Can I dive at Wilson Island?

Due to the seclusion of Wilson Island there are no diving facilities.

Is there any phone reception or WiFi available?

Wilson Island is the perfect place to disconnect, as there is no phone reception or WIFI available.


Will I be able to charge my camera?

In-room charging will be possible via a built-in USB dock in each tent. This runs off solar power banks provided to each tent.

Is late departure available?

A 2:30pm departure from Wilson Island is available at a fee of $100 per person, subject to availability. Check out from accommodation will remain at 10:00am.


When is the best time for snorkelling?

2 hours either side of the low tide.


Are Drones permitted on Wilson Island?

Private drones are not permitted on Wilson Island. Wilson Island is a bird sanctuary and any risk to the bird population on the island is untenable by law.


Does Wilson Island close?

Wilson Island is closed every year from 1 February to 1 April. This is to allow the resident bird population the peace and quiet they need to nest.

Located just north of the Tropic of Capricorn, around 80 km north east off the coast of Gladstone, accessible only via Heron Island. Gladstone is 534 km north of Brisbane and 1,183 km south of Cairns.


Terms and Conditions

Wilson Island is closed from 1 February to 1 April for bird breeding season by Queensland National Parks.

Wilson Island, Great Barrier Reef, Coral Sea, Queensland Australia

Phone: 1800 336 051



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