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‘Green Zone’

Wilson Island is a Marine National Park, located within the Southern Great Barrier Reef. As a Marine National Park, it is a ‘no touch, no take’ area and extractive activities, such as fishing or collecting, are not allowed without a permit. Guests come to Wilson Island to experience the unspoiled natural environment, the incredible marine life and the amazing native flora and fauna, which, thanks to these restrictions, is in abundance.


Wilson Island is 100% solar and battery powered in order to generate a predominantly clean source of power and preserve the peace and quiet of this pristine area. Our communal dining area, the Longhouse, contains a 12V source for charging your devices for all the photo opportunities during your stay.

Committed to Australia

At Wilson Island, we are committed to using 100% Australian products, resources and food where possible. We have carefully selected and sourced everything on Wilson Island, from our Orana (meaning ‘welcome’ in the Indigenous Wiradjuri language) amenities, to our unique beverage selection, including international award-winning spirits and liqueurs, and Apani (derived from the Australian Indigenous word for ‘the water’) water to ensure we are providing a local, high quality and sustainable product for you to enjoy.

Organic & Eco-friendly

Where possible, we have utilised eco and organic materials. Our beds and linens are both 100% eco and organic bamboo and cotton. Be sure to keep an eye out for our use of recycled resources throughout Wilson Island, from our upcycled wine bottle water glasses, to the light fixtures, bar and furnishings.Even our mirror frames are made from Australian recycled timber.

We have used eco-friendly light fittings where possible and, very importantly, have installed turtle-friendly lighting to be used in the turtle laying and hatchling seasons.


Our bathroom amenities are 100% biodegradable and made from native Australian plants and properties. We do ask guests to refrain from using their own bathroom products during their stay if they are not ecologically sustainable.

Single-use Plastics

You will not find any single-use plastics on Wilson Island. We do not use plastic straws and our beverages are all in recyclable glass bottles – even the labels on the juices we offer are made of a food-based product. We are very protective of our marine life here, so do avoid the use of any plastic wherever possible.


Water is a precious commodity on Wilson Island. As we are unable to collect rain water, we are required to bring water in from the mainland, via Heron Island, as needed. We ask that guests be conscious of their water usage at all times.


We utilise environmentally friendly cleaning products throughout all areas of Wilson Island.

Our products do not contain any bleaches or other harsh chemicals used that could potentially harm the environment.

The Future

​We are committed on Wilson Island to maintaining a sustainable existence and are constantly trying to come up with more ways that we can be environmentally friendly.


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