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Getting here…

With such a secluded, discreet and disconnected island there is only one way you can get to Wilson Island and this requires a short stopover (or perhaps a combined extended stay) at the world-famous Heron Island as part of your passage to paradise.

Access to Wilson Island via Heron Island

Wilson Island is just a 25-minute boat ride from Heron Island which is located 80 km offshore from Gladstone.

Your boat transfer to Wilson Island will be a scenic trip with the boat landing on the beach at your destination. Guests will descend a ladder at the front of the boat, stepping onto the pristine sandy beach. Due to the beach landing, transfer times will be scheduled around the tides at Wilson Island. While all efforts will be made for the transfers between Heron Island and Wilson Island to meet with the Heron Islander launch transfer, we are unable to guarantee this. Transfer times are also subject to weather conditions and may vary accordingly.

In rare instances of extreme weather conditions, access to Wilson Island may be restricted. In these circumstances, alternate accommodation, activities and dining options will be arranged on Heron Island.

Getting to Heron Island


Depending on your preference you can get to Heron Island by sea or air transfer.

Air Connections

Take a 30-minute scenic helicopter flight from Gladstone Airport to Heron Island. Baggage allowance for flight transfers is limited to one suitcase and one small carry-on item of hand luggage. A limit of up to a maximum of 15 kg per person applies and is subject to change. Baggage weight limits are restricted to a total carriage weight limit that includes both baggage and guest weightsFlight transfers are weather and tide dependent.


Sea Connections

The Heron Islander launch departs Gladstone Marina at 9.30 am and returns to the marina at approximately 3.15 pm daily, except Tuesday and Thursday. There are no launch transfers on Christmas Day. The boat trip between Gladstone and Heron Island takes approximately 2 hours each way.

For information regarding the cost of transfers between Gladstone and Heron Island please contact our Reservations Team or visit the Heron Island website.

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